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+48 786 097 216 - Swietlana

+48 510 113 743 - Pavel

+48 784 674 184 - Paulina

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We will combine structured yoga practice that provides you with strength, self-confidence, activity, and power with soft practices such as singing mantras and meditation, which reveal your creative potential and find what really gives you the joy of life!


The difficulty level of the seminar is basic, but deep work with breathing, attention, and voice will make it interesting for experienced practitioners as well.


In addition, we plan to visit several interesting places in Southern Portugal, for example eco-settlement of Tamera is one of the oldest, largest and most successful eco-settlements in the world.


Magical Portuguese beaches with steep cliffs above them, and several other places will allow you to feel the real authentic spirit of this hospitable land.

Evenings that will be devoted to a deeper form of meditation and the chanting of mantras, which is a highly effective tool used for spiritual development, a type of medicine for the soul. When we choose a syllable, word, or even sentence to repeat in the form of a mantra, we affirm its meaning and let it change us on a deep, subconscious level.


Each sound carries a particular frequency that affects a specific part of the brain and the whole body. With the help of mantras, meditation, and appropriate sounds, we can influence our lives and release previously unknown potentials. Chanting mantras does not require vocal skills, but it does require silence and acceptance of ourselves, as well as a place like Orada that will definitely inspire us to open up and discover the vibrations of sounds.
Cacao is a subtle and powerful plant that has been used in ceremonies for thousands of years in South and Central America. It helps us open our hearts, giving us a deeper connection with its essence and with ourselves so that we can be free from anything holding us back. It heals, strengthens, gives us clarity and creates a space of freedom that stimulates expression and creativity in ourselves.
Cacao has 40 times more antioxidants than acai berries and has the highest iron content of other known plants. It’s full of magnesium for a healthy heart and brain, and it has more calcium than cow's milk.
Cacao is a natural antidepressant and it increases the secretion of our happiness hormone.
High-quality body cleansing. Balance classes, a healthy nutritious diet and energy techniques. The clean, natural environment, as well as the sun and the sea, will help get rid of a huge burden of worries, sorrows, toxins, and extra pounds.

Special exercises for a deeper balance and the purification of our main energy channels and energies that determine the functioning of the body and our human consciousness.

Southern Portugal is an ideal place to search for and find your true self under the warm sun, near the ocean. April is the perfect time for this - we already crave the sun then, but it is still

only available in such magical places like Orada.

Ecological farms are wonderful destinations for practicing yoga and meditation

in harmony with oneself and Mother Earth.


Comfortable living in the eco-friendly farm Orada, an extraordinary sanctuary of harmony, peace, tranquility, and wonderful nature. With its energy, it is like a balm for our soul, which will help calm our mind, relax, get some air, and regenerate.


The most excellent vegan cuisine awaits us, along with the untouched nature.

Paulina Violina is a yogi, traveler, and violinist who has found the power of transformation, balance and spiritual growth in music. Her many years of experience as an aerial yoga teacher combined with deep sensitivity to music as a form of soul therapy allowed her to take part in many great music projects in Europe and Brazil. This included various types of yoga festivals, development workshops and spiritual ceremonies with various great shamans, healers, and artists from around the world.


Her concerts and songs are strongly focused on our integration with ourselves, allowing us to feel both tears and joy; every emotion we need to feel to live fully. Her songs and music flow from the depths of her soul and heart, out of respect for nature, for Mother Earth.


Listen little of her music here https://soundcloud.com/paulinaviolina/toptracks



Pavel is practicing yoga for 13 years and sharing his experience for 5 years during various workshops, courses, trainings and regular classes.


“In my work, I focus on specific, practical methods that help to remove bodily clamps, get rid of destructive movement patterns and work out the correct ones, and to connect disparate parts of a human being into a consistent whole. In order to achieve this I use classical hatha yoga, many breathing practices, somatic methods, methods of body-oriented psychotherapy and coaching.

I continue studying yoga and meditation, and I sympathize with the Buddhist view of life as I make attempts to theorize less and practice more.


My family and I live in the beautiful city of Wroclaw, Poland, where we run our Studio “The Tree of Life”, in which I conduct regular classes called “Yoga and body awareness”. In my free time I do some swimming, using the Total Immersion system.”



Every day we will begin with Pavel, leading 3 hours of yoga practice.